Industrial - The lighter colored areas indicate a "Hotspot" or a potential electrical problem caused by a loose connection, a Phase imbalance or worn out components which would not be apparent to naked eye.  Finding and fixing problems like this, when they are small will save valuable production time, money & labor in the long run. 

Welcome to Clarksville Thermal Imaging

Providing Infrared Thermal Imaging Services to Industrial, Commercial & Residential Businesses in the Clarksville / Montgomery County Area.

Thermal Imaging Technology and Thermography Scanning can be an invaluable addition to your Company's Preventative or Predictive Maintenance Program. All industries, both large & small can benefit from adding a comprehensive infrared Thermal Imaging program.  We provide the necessary services your company needs without the ongoing cost of salary, equipment, and training of your in-house personnel. Let us help you identify potential issues before they become costly problems.

Commercial - The lighter colored & black areas indicate potential weak spots, cracks or leaks in the piping or the surrounding insulation.  These potential problems should be investigated and, if needed,  repaired as soon as possible.  

Residential - The darker Red areas indicate a heat loss issue caused by inadequate or missing insulation in the walls of this building.  Having your Residence Thermally Scanned can help identify these areas, their probable causes and form the basis for correction.